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Date Match League Tip Result
27.11.2023 Hungary: Merkantil Liga Vasas - Gyor +2.5 G Win
26.11.2023 Denmark: 1st Division Aalborg - Hobro +2.5 G Win
26.11.2023 Spain: LaLiga2 Tenerife - Cartagena -VIP- BTS Win
25.11.2023 Portugal: Liga Portugal 2 Benfica B - Oliveirense BTS Win
25.11.2023 Germany: 2. Bundesliga Osnabruck - Magdeburg -VIP- Away Win Win
24.11.2023 Belgium: Proximus League Beveren - Dender +2.5 G Win
23.11.2023 Slovenia: Slovenian Cup Sencur - Mura -2.5 G Win
22.11.2023 Brazil: Serie A Fluminense - Sao Paulo -2.5 G Win
21.11.2023 World: Euro Romania - Switzerland Romania +0.5 AH Win
20.11.2023 World: Euro U21 Wales U21 - Denmark U21 BTS Win
19.11.2023 Spain: LaLiga2 Eldense - Mirandes Mirandes +0.5 AH Win
18.11.2023 England: League Two Gillingham - Salford -2.5 G Lose
17.11.2023 World: Euro U21 Poland U21 - Israel U21 BTS Win
16.11.2023 World: Euro Georgia - Scotland Georgia +0.5 AH Win
15.11.2023 World: World Cup Ethiopia - Sierra Leone -2.5 G Win
14.11.2023 England: FA Cup Accrington - Doncaster BTS Win
13.11.2023 India: I-League TRAU FC - Gokulam +2.5 G Lose
12.11.2023 Poland: Division 1 GKS Katowice - Tychy -2.5 G Win
11.11.2023 England: Premier League Arsenal - Burnley BTS Win
10.11.2023 Germany: 3. Liga Viktoria Koln - Dyn. Dresden BTS Win
09.11.2023 World: Conference League Cukaricki - Fiorentina -3.5 G Win
09.11.2023 World: Europa League Freiburg - TSC -VIP- +3.5 G Win
08.11.2023 Italy: Serie B Lecco - Spezia Lecco +0.5 AH Win
07.11.2023 World: Champions League FC Porto - Antwerp FC Porto -1.5 AH Win
06.11.2023 Denmark: 1st Division Hillerod - Naestved -2.5 G Win
05.11.2023 Italy: Serie A Cagliari - Genoa BTS Win
04.11.2023 England: Championship Birmingham - Ipswich BTS Win
03.11.2023 Poland: Ekstraklasa Piast Gliwice - Korona K. -2.5 G Win
02.11.2023 Italy: Coppa Italia Torino - Frosinone +2.5 G Lose
01.11.2023 England: EFL Cup Chelsea - Blackburn -3.5 G Win
31.10.2023 Romania: Romanian Cup Hunedoara - Sepsi -2.5 G Win
30.10.2023 Romania: Liga 1 FC Botosani - U. Cluj U. Cluj 0 AH Win
29.10.2023 Netherlands: Eredivisie PSV - Ajax PSV -1.5 AH Win
29.10.2023 Norway: Eliteserien Stromsgodset - Viking -VIP- -2.5 G Win
28.10.2023 Austria: Bundesliga Salzburg - Altach BTS Lose
28.10.2023 Spain: LaLiga2 Eldense - Amorebieta -VIP- Home Win Win
27.10.2023 England: Premier League Crystal Palace - Tottenham BTS Win
27.10.2023 Romania: Liga 1 Voluntari - Sepsi -VIP- Away Win Win
26.10.2023 World: Conference League Kf Ballkani - Astana BTS Win
25.10.2023 World: Champions League Young Boys - Man. City +2.5 G Win


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